Pammy DeLux: Gender Fluid



I am Pammy, a gender fluid bimbo owned by the great Dom de Luxury. Even though this website was created at her command to serve as a resource for my sisters at her Sissy Academy, anyone is welcome here. All that is required is a sincere desire to cure the disease of masculinity As my sisters at the Academy know well, following the path our beloved SheDaddy has many challenges and practical problems. There is a lot to learn, and it is often difficult to find answers to our questions. I am happy to say that based on the emails I have received since starting this website, many hundreds of people have found answers here. I hope you do also.

The Become a Better Sissy section has articles about the practical aspects of being a girl. How to do makeup, how to buy and care for wigs, what kind of breasts you want and the best way to attach them, how to do your nails, where to buy jewelry and find clothes in your size are only a few of the many (and growing) topics presented there. All these solutions work for me, but they are only one way to do it. If you have your own way, that's great. Why not share it with me? If I like it better, I will include it and (if you wish) give you all the credit.

The Training and Tips deals with the larger picture of training and behavior. Details about SheDaddy's training methods can be found there, along with some of my own thoughts about my experiences. You can also find information about how to feminize your voice, plastic surgery, how to walk in heels and the many lists of training assignments SheDaddy created for my improvement.

While most of the topics are available to anyone, there are a few which are available only to those who serve her and only she can give you the passwords to allow access to those sections.

I welcome information and comments. I live in the U.S.A., so I especially appreciate comments that might help sissies locate things in other parts of the world. I also find mail from people who think I will burn in hell quite amusing, so please don't stop sending those. If you wish to contact me,